Kate Imp

Katherine Imp is an attorney at Cummins & Associates, Ltd., representing creative individuals and businesses in corporate, intellectual property, and entertainment-related ventures. She is licensed in both California and Illinois and serves on the University of Illinois College of Law Alumni Board and the IFP Chicago Board. Outside of her legal practice, Katherine teaches Business Law at Ivy Tech Community College and writes an entertainment law column for SCREEN Magazine entitled, Street Legal.

Katherine’s interest in entertainment stems from her experience as a filmmaker and participant in the Chicago arts community. Her first film, Beauty Beneath the Dirt, follows three young urbanites on their journey up the 2178.3-mile Appalachian Trail. Katherine managed all aspects of the film’s development, secured sponsorship from 15 well-known food and outdoor clothing suppliers, launched a 45-venue national film tour, and obtained digital and foreign distribution.

Following the success of her first film, Katherine has been involved with a number of independent film projects as a producer, business advisor, or as lead production counsel. She recently moved to Los Angeles to head the LA office of Cummins & Associates, Ltd. and pursue her creative interests in entertainment.

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WBAI 100th Anniversary

WBAI 100th Anniversary

WBAI 100th Anniversary debuted at the Centennial Gala of the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois. It includes interviews with some of the most accomplished female judges and lawyers in Illinois. Watch it here.

Starring: Lisa Madigan, Chief Justice Rita Garman, Justice Thomas Kilbride, Anita Alvarez, Paula Holderman, Justice Mary Jane Theis, and Justice Anne Burke

The Red Line

The Red Line

The Red Line is a retelling of Harriet Tubman’s life in present day Chicago with human trafficking as the canvas. The story follows a young woman as she is forced into prostitution, frees herself, then returns to rescue others from the same fate.

The Red Line is currently being pitched to networks as a one-hour cable drama. Check out the sizzle reel for the pilot right here.

Neon Picket Fence

Neon Picket Fence

Neon Picket Fence is a web series with a mission: to help Millennials create multiple revenue streams, avoid career pitfalls, and create their own life path.

Neon Picket Fence is expected to officially launch in January 2015.

Dream Neon: Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Produced by: Christian Seel

Starring: Alisa Markovna, Katherine Imp

Beauty Beneath the Dirt

Beauty Beneath the Dirt

What happens when you put a lawyer, an Ivy grad, and a city chick on the Appalachian Trail?

Beauty Beneath the Dirt follows the story of three young urbanites as they attempt to balance family, friendship, and personal happiness while hiking from Georgia to Maine.

To rent or buy the film, check out Beauty Beneath the Dirt‘s official website.

Directed by: Katherine Imp

Produced by: Jason Furrer, Katherine Imp

Starring: Brandon Imp, Emily Ginger, Katherine Imp

“Amusingly watchable trio of misfits”

Chicago Tribune

“68 manic minutes of raw beauty and emotion”

Courier Post

“An exuberant mash-up of reality TV, nature documentary, and spiritual quest”

Philadelphia Inquirer

Speaking and Public Appearances


Speaking Topics

  1. Entertainment Law 101: Nuts & Bolts for the Independent Filmmaker
  2. Thru-Hiking 101: How to Prep for the Biggest Adventure of your Life
  3. Filmmaking 101: How to Produce, Distribute, and Profit from your Film
  4. Fundraising 101: How to Triple Your Fundraising Average in One Afternoon
  5. Networking 101: How to Expand your Rolodex and Create Strong Relationships


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